The Approved and Comprehensive Guide Towards A Radiant Skin

Once I got to know more about skin care and the ‘beauty’ behind it, I realized that every skin is different, and every skin colour is beautiful. It’s not about being white or having flawless skin, but it’s about having healthy and radiant skin. And no, it’s not from the pan of a highlighter palette.

So, what is radiant skin? 

pretty girl with radiant skin

Radiant skin is typically seen as a sign of health and vitality. Dull, uneven skin tone or dry skin can make us feel less than our best. No matter how much we can cover it up with make-up, at the end of the day, a healthy and radiant skin – a complexion that permanently looks as though we’re fresh off vacation – is what we have always wanted. 

Though the secret to glowing skin varies and is challenging, we must understand that it requires trial and error from the correct product, practice, and of course, patience. 

Plus, with the constant exposure to the external aggressors such as direct and constant UV rays, which leads to skincare concerns. If you are still figuring out how to get a radiant skin, worry not, as we are here to help you with these quick-fix solutions. 

10+ Tips Towards Radiant Skin 

FOOD – “You are what you eat” 

food for radiant skin

1. Fruits and Vegetables

I bet you’re familiar with that phrase. And yes, the food that you consume is not just related to your overall health, but it is one of the factors that can help you to get a healthy and radiant skin. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables will boost the vitamins and antioxidants in your body. 

2. Oily Fish 

According to BBC Good Food, oily fish such as salmon, mackerel and sardine are rich in beneficial fats that promote skin hydration and younger looking skin. 

3. Nuts 

Nuts like walnuts, hazelnuts, and almonds are packed with minerals and vitamin E, which help to heal blemishes and reduce inflammation as well as protect our skin cells from harmful UV. Consuming these healthy nuts will result in soft and supple skin. 

4. AVOID Processed Foods & Sugar 

Please stay away from processed foods as most of them contain bad trans fat. And yes, although we love sugar more than we love ourselves, it can damage skin cells and affects the collagen production. Alternatively, you can use natural sweeteners from the fruits or avoid sugar at all costs. Your skin will thank you for it. 

5. Stay Hydrated 

The most important of all is to stay hydrated with the right amount of water. Avoid sugary drinks at all costs, instead drink more plain or warm water. If it’s too ‘plain’ for you, you can put some slices of lemon for an added boost. 

Not to mention, maintaining a nutritious diet will not only encourage a healthy flow of blood, but it also can give you the naturally beautiful glow that you’re craving for! So, what’s good for the body is truly good for the health of your skin.


6. Shorten Your Hot Shower

If you like to have a hot shower, try to minimize your skin’s exposure to the water that is extremely hot. This is because steam and heat will open the pores and running hot water over your skin for more than a few minutes can strip away the natural oils from your skin. This will leave it looking tired and dull.  

7. Avoid Alcohol and Smoking (or Secondhand Smoke) 

Alcohol is one of the main age accelerators that causes the secretion of stress hormones which can affect your skin as well. If cutting it seems a step too far, you can try to cut it back. 

As for smoking, it makes your skin look older, with more wrinkles. It also damages collagen and elasticity, decreases blood flow, and results in paler, aging skin. 

8. Manage Your Stress 

Though it is inevitable, uncontrolled stress can make your skin become more sensitive. This will then trigger acne breakouts and other skin problems. Try to manage your stress and have a healthy state of mind. 

Get enough sleep, distract yourself with positive things, but make sure to talk it out – reach out to someone and share your problems to ease your mind. 

9. Face Massage 

face massage

If you are new to this, start now! A two-minute face massage can help your skin look alive in the short term, as well as firming and contouring the face naturally over time. 

Do it every morning while you are doing your skincare routine, before applying makeup. It’s okay if you don’t have any tools to massage your face. You just need to use your fingertips and a massage serum or face oil. 

10. DIY Masks – hydrates, soothes, and glow! 

You will never go wrong with a hydrating DIY mask at home! 

You can try aloe vera gel, these tomatoes’ ‘recipes’, yogurt, honey, or as simple as pouring your hydrating toner onto a few cotton pads and putting it on your face for a few minutes and see how your skin glows! 

11. Sunscreen All the Way 

applying sunscreen on face

When you talk about healthy and radiant skin, you can NEVER skip sunscreen, especially in the sunny Singapore. A lifetime of sun exposure can cause various skin problems such as pigmentation, uneven skin tone, dark spots, and others. It can also increase the risk of skin cancer. 

It is recommended for you (especially since we live in a tropical climate) to use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 50. Do apply it generously and reapply every two to three hours.

12. Always be Gentle to the Skin 

be gentle to the skin

Please avoid cleansers or products with harsh chemicals and even though you like to cleanse your face, you don’t want to rob your skin of moisture by washing it too often. Too much washing can also lead to dry skin or worse, encourage your pores to produce too much extra oil. Thus, it is advisable to wash your face first thing in the morning and right before bed. 

After washing, gently pat dry your face with a clean towel so that some of the moisture remains on your skin and use a hydrating toner, your favourite serum and conceal the goodness with a good moisturizer. Don’t forget your sunscreen during the day.

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