28 represents the 28-day skin rejuvenation cycle our skin undergoes every month. The power of 3 describes the three main active ingredients in the Po³™ formula that are responsible for the main benefits of using The Lightening Serum.

We only discovered the now patented Po³™ technology in the last few years. Many years are required to ensure its safety and efficacy, and incorporating Po³™ into The Lightening Serum 28³® required even further testing. We are confident about The Lightening Serum's performance and are excited to share it with you .

We chose the word lightening because of its versatility and there are several interpretations – see which one is your favourite:

  • Light as in brightness – giving you more even and brighter skin tone.
  • Light as in less weight – our serum carries less active ingredient due to its high potency; leaving space for more other ‘good stuff’ such as Vitamin E, Amino Acids, Vitamin B5!
  • Light as in viscosity – Formulated especially for the South East Asian climate with high heat and humidity.
  • Light as in sunlight – Rays from the sun are one of the main causes of pigmentation.

Our patented Po³™ formulation tackles skin pigmentation issues at the root cause. It uses a multi-pronged approach, effectively preventing melanocytes from producing excess melanin and reduces pigmentation formation during skin cell formation.

Due to its high potency, we need less Po³™ in the formulation to achieve the same effects, leaving more space in the formulation for other “good stuff”! The Lightening Serum contains multiple beneficial ingredients for example Vitamin B5, Vitamin E, Allantoin, Amino acids, and ferment extracts with a range of benefits including antioxidant, hydrating, and skin-soothing properties.

Benchmarked against products with similar claims in randomized double-blind clinical trials, our serum was shown to be more effective.

It does sound too good to be real true but everything we have stated is backed by independent research and testing. See more on our research process. Also, we all use it ourselves and we believe in it!, so we must believe in it!

Many of us suffer from pigmentation issues and dull skin from sun exposure, stress, poor diet, and many other lifestyle factors that accompany busy urban lives. The Lightening Serum helps you by dealing with the root cause of skin pigmentation issues, letting you feel confident and empowered.

Our Po³™ formula is unique, discovered by our scientists and we even filed a patent on the technology. We wanted to create a formulation that works naturally with the skin, preventing excess melanin formation before it is even initiated.

Each of the three molecules in Po³™ work in corporation with each other, far exceeding the sum of their individual effects.

The Lightening Serum contains a mixture of natural, nature-identical, and synthetic ingredients. We selected ingredients based on safety and efficacy. Below is a list of the relevant ingredients we use in our serum:

Pseudoalteromonas ferment extract
Saccharide isomerate
Amino acids (Proline, Alanine, Serine)

Nature-identical (synthetically made, but chemically the same as found in nature)
Maltol (ingredient from Po³™, naturally found in many food and beverages)
Theobromine (ingredient from Po³™, naturally found in cocoa, tea, coffee)
Panthenol (vitamin B5)
Tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E)
Allantoin (naturally found in comfrey plant)

Sodium saccharin (ingredient from Po³™, food-based)

Read more on active ingredients here

It works by preventing skin cells from initiating the melanin formation process for any excess melanin – thus targeting the root causes of skin pigmentation issues, not just the symptoms. The unique combination, that includes the powerful Po³™ formula, works naturally with the skin’s 28-day rejuvenation cycle to reveal brighter, even and younger looking skin with each passing cycle.

The Po³™ in the serum works on newly formed cells, so as the outer layers are shed during our rejuvenation cycle, brighter, even and younger looking skin emerges.

Maltol, Sodium Saccharin, and Theobromine and have a long and safe use in the food and beverage industry.

Active ingredients or actives in skin care are responsible for imparting the benefits in skin care products, much like how medicines have active ingredients.

Yes, it can. The serum consistently showed visible results for all tested South East Asian ethnicities, all skin types, and all ages. We chose South East Asian ethnicities as our testing base because of the high sun exposure, heat and humidity experienced in the region.

Our products do not contain any silicones, parabens, and preservatives.

Silicones are safe for a majority of people, but a few individuals with acne-prone and sensitive-skin may not react well to it.

Parabens are a type of preservative, and harsh preservatives in general help keep our products safe for use by killing harmful bacteria. But we chose not to add this to our formulation.

While preservatives are generally safe to be used, they can kill beneficial bacteria on our skin at the same time. Since we have the expertise to formulate preservative-free products that are certified safe, we have not added any unnecessary preservatives in our product.

Serums have a higher concentration of active ingredients for a higher efficacy. Our research showed that using our serum in addition to a moisturizer resulted in significantly better efficacy than using the same moisturizers alone.

Yes, you can use our serum with other moisturizers and skin care products.

There is a trend where people are adding a few drops of serum into their other skin care products. We do not recommend mixing the serum with other products because the dosage of active ingredients has been carefully calculated for optimized efficacy. Mixing the serum with other products will render it less effective.

Yes. The Po³™ formula works to effectively reduce dark circles caused by hyperpigmentation. Please note that some dark circles are caused by blood vessels under the skin, which is not treated by The Lightening Serum by 28³®.

It has a fresh, floral scent.

Yes. If you are concerned about the skin irritation potential of some fragrances, we recommend that you try the product on your hand, followed by your ear, and a small area of your cheek for a few days first before using the product on your entire face. Nonetheless, we have conducted extensive safety testing on our product and it is deemed safe for use for the general public.

Please refer to the package for the expiry date. The cartridges are designed to last for one week to ensure that you are always getting fresh and efficacious products. If unsure, please contact hello@28cubed.com.

It's best stored in a cool, dark place away from sunlight.

The Lightening Serum's formulation was designed in Singapore but the actual serum is manufactured in Spain. The European Union (EU) has some of the strictest regulations for ingredient safety and manufacturing standards in the world. By manufacturing in Spain, we can assure you that all ingredients used are of the best quality.

The single-hand dispenser design was innovated in Singapore.

It depends on the extent of sun damage. For severe damage, we recommend you to visit your dermatologist. Acne scars due to hyperpigmentation can last months and even years. Its lightening can be sped up by using our serum. Depending on the scar's severity, we recommend at least 1-2 months of regular use to notice a visible improvement.

Each of the 3 molecules in Po³™ are small enough to penetrate into the skins lower layers and have been tested to guarantee this.

If you have sensitive skin and are interested to experience the power of Po³™, we recommend that you try the product on your hand, followed by your ear, and a small area of your cheek for a few days first before using the product on your entire face.

Use The Lightening Serum right after cleansing and toning for maximum absorption of the active ingredients. Allow the serum to dry fully before applying the next step of your regime.

If you don’t have a skin care regime, apply The Lightening Serum after face wash and pat dry before application.

We strongly recommend applying sunblock as the last step.

If the product starts to smell like spoiled milk, the product should be discarded. If there is a slight discolouration to pink, there is no reason to worry. Po³™ is food-based and can sometimes change colour over time but the efficacy and safety are not affected.

We have conducted safety tests on The Lightening Serum by 28³® and it has shown to be safe for prolonged, repeated use and does not cause irritancy around the sensitive eye contour area.

If you or anyone else, including children or pets, ingest it by mistake and symptoms of discomfort appear, please seek advice from a physician as soon as possible.

Yes. It does not contain any harmful ingredients that could affect the health of you or your baby. However, if you do have any concerns, then please consult your physician.

We have done some research on known harmful ingredients, mainly salicylic acid, retinoids and parabens. We are happy to report that The Lightening Serum does not contain anything known to be harmful for breastfeeding mothers. However, if you do have any concerns, then please consult your physician and we strongly recommend a sensitivity test on your hands, behind your ears or neck.

You can keep The Lightening Serum at room temperature.

No, it's not animal-tested and does not contain animal-derived ingredients


Yes, The Lightening Serum has no animal-derived ingredients. It is also cruelty-free as it has not been tested on animals.

Improving versions of Po³™ were tested on more than 250 women across Asia, including China, Singapore, India, and Indonesia.

It was tested on 33 Southeast Asian women who used it twice a day for 56 days. In addition, different versions of The Lightening Serum has been tested on many more women. The current formulation was the best-performing version.

An adult's skin rejuvenation process takes 28 days on average. As we grow older and reach our 40’s and 50’s, this skin cycle slows to about 45-60 days. When this process decelerates, dead cells accumulate on the surface of the skin, leading to duller and rougher skin.

Although it passed skin irritation tests in clinical testing, we always recommend those with sensitive skin to test the product on less sensitive skin areas, e.g. hands or a small area of the face first before applying a full amount on the facial area.

It contains allantoin, a molecule found in the comfrey plant that protects the skin from irritants, giving a soothing effect to the skin.

Each dosage from our innovatively-designed dispenser is calculated to deliver the right amount of Po³™ for maximum efficacy.

We recommend twice a day. Apply every morning and evening after you have cleansed and toned your face and before applying moisturizer.

Your dispenser will show a red colour on the cartridge eject button as well as the bottom of the cartridge that will prompt you to refill the cartridge.

Pick up the dispenser device. Eject the empty cartridge by holding down the cartridge eject button and push the dispensing button to eject the cartridge. Reload by first peeling off the seal at the top of a new cartridge, then push the new cartridge all the way into the dispenser, and finally peel off the seal at the bottom of the new cartridge.

Each cartridge contains 14 doses. It will last for 7 days, if used twice daily.

Designed to be used with one-hand, it minimises the spread the product on the outside of the packaging. Also, 7-day cartridges ensure fresh products are used week by week.

Yes, but we highly recommend you use a suitable high factor sun protection product over it.

It is a single-handed, non-messy dispenser – no more fumbling around unwieldy bottled screwcaps and droppers!

Check if the dispensing button is in the locked position. If yes, then turn the button clockwise to unlock it. Or double check the cartridge – you may need a refill!

Otherwise please contact our support team via hello@28cubed.com or call +65 9660 0283.

Our boxes are made from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper, which means that our paper has been sourced in an environmentally-friendly, socially responsible, and economically viable manner.

Empty cartridges are recyclable and can be disposed into recycling bins in your neighbourhood.

Yes, the dispenser is suitable for travelling. Normal airport hand carry regulations require liquid items to be under 100ml. Eject the cartridge to show the capacity (7ml) printed on the side of each cartridge as needed.

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