What can you expect?

The results of The Lightening Serum are scientifically measurable.
In our clinical trials, we invited Southeast Asian women to use The Lightening Serum for 56 days, twice a day with no significant changes to their usual skin care and daily activity routine. Then we measured their skin with a Mexameter MX18, a device used to quantify skin colour via the Skin Melanin Index (SMI) and asked them what changes they could see in the mirror.

In a blind test, 57.6% preferred to use 28³ over a leading premium Asian brand after 56 days of regular use.

SMI reductions were 33% higher with The Lightening Serum compared to another market leading brand after 1 month of consistent use.
3% Po3™ active ingredients are just getting started. 67% observed an improvement in their overall appearance.
6% First visible results are in. 76% observed their skin becoming brighter and more radiant!
16% Showing the largest jump in pigment reduction since the first application! 82% observed their pigmented dark spots lightening and 85% said their skin tone was becoming more even.
20% Most of the hard work in pigment reduction is now done. Continue to use to maintain brighter skin, even skin tone and dark spot lightening 97% observed improvements in their overall appearance.

85% of users saw their complexion brighten by 1 skin tone
*Approximately one skin tone is observed with a measured Skin Melanin Index reduction of at least 30.
*Individual results may vary.


In the same lighting conditions and background with no changes to your skin care regime, we encourage you to take a photo every week to compare the difference for yourself!