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Introducing Po3™- the Nutritional Power for Your Skin

More often than not, most brightening products in the market draw on the same few active ingredients such as niacinamide, vitamin c and glycolic acid and bleach your skin from the surface to promote more even, less pigmented skin.

But what if we could offer you a different, more innovative way to reduce pigmentation using ingredients long considered safe by the F&B industry?   

Introducing Po3™- the Nutritional Power for Your Skin

Unlike other skincare products currently in the market, the Po3™ formulation is not based on existing active ingredients available. We threw the drawing board out and started from scratch by embarking on a four year quest to understand skin at a molecular level.

“Po3™ was formulated to target both the metabolic and the signalling pathway, preventing skin cells from initiating excess melanin formation before it even starts. ”

Add to the mix decades of experience in food science, many clinical trials and testing, we came up with a revolutionary, patented formulation to target pigmentation from the inside out, starting at skin cell formation.

Providing a skin care solution that has never been available before

Po3™ is the unique, patented combination of three food-based actives which when applied, results in brighter, even and younger looking skin.

These food actives, Sodium Saccharin, Ginseng Root Extract, and Cocoa Seed Extract, are found in many familiar foods such as coffee, chocolate, and green tea. When combined, they work together, resulting into a potent blend.

We are proud to be the first to combine the power of these three active ingredients in skin care.

How does Po3™ Work? Melanin formation happens via two pathways: the signalling pathway and the metabolic pathway. Most existing anti-pigmentation products work by bleaching existing melanin or solely targeting the metabolic pathway. Po3™ was formulated to target both.

By inhibiting melanocytes from producing excess melanin, Po3™ effectively reduces pigmentation on a cellular level, ensuring that new skin cells born at the lower layers of the epidermis produce less melanin with each application.

Through the skin’s natural 28-day rejuvenation cycle, these newly formed, skin cells with less melanin transport their way to the upper layers and as a result, the darker areas of our skin are lightened, irregularities are reduced, revealing brighter, even and younger looking skin with each passing cycle.

Additionally, Po3™ was formulated with South East Asia’s specific climate and skin types in mind. This ensures that this formulation is efficient and effective in targeting pigmentation in people of south east Asian ethnicities. 

The proof is in the results

Po3™ has been tried and tested by more than 250 women from China, India, Indonesia and Singapore during five clinical trials, conducted since 2014. Results showed that the Po3™ formula produced consistent visible improvements in all ethnicities, skin types and ages tested.

The results include:

*individual results may vary

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