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Food scientists at heart – in search for revolutionary skin care solutions

283 is a skincare brand founded in Singapore in 2014 by NamZ Pte. Ltd., a bioscience company offering revolutionary solutions for everyday consumer problems.

AchromaZ is a division of NamZ focused on skin care solutions with 283 being its first brand launched in Singapore in 2018.

28received its name from the average adult 28 day skin rejuvenation cycle and our internationally patented combination of three food-derived molecules.

Years in the making, the main product development happened in Singapore in recent years led by a diverse team of regional scientists, aiming to provide a solution for women living in South East Asia.

“We are here to shake things up. A straightforward brand that puts transparency and authenticity at its heart”, says Christoph Langwallner. “We want to inspire women to reach their aspirations by enabling them to have the confidence to defy the one standard definition of beauty and be more of themselves.”

As food scientists at heart, we are used to adhering to higher standards of food safety, research and regulations which we brought to skin care. Our products are tested, stretched and scrutinised to their limits.

Building our culture on the importance of open communication, we found out about real skin care issues, tried and tested solutions, listened to real feedback so that we can present something that will, most importantly, produce measurable, real results.

To create an effective product that works on the outside, we had to first understand the inside. Objectively examining skin care from every angle from the cell outwards, all the way to how you hold the dispenser. The result is our patented Po3™ technology, designed and created as our own effortless skin care solution, presented to you in a completely new way.

After the successful introduction of The Lightening Serum in Singapore, we are working on an international launch in the second part of 2019 and additional innovative skin care products.

Stay tuned!

If you would like to find out more please contact us at hello@28cubed.com

Be a part of our unique, revolutionary solution to pigmentation, shop our collection here.

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