The first few skin pigmentation products available in the market only worked in one way, by inhibiting the first step in how melanin is produced in the cells. But now there are other ways, such as by also preventing how melanin is passed to the other cells that take it to the surface of the skin. And now a particularly effective way of lightening skin is to use other ingredients to intercept the various messenger molecules sent when the skin is exposed to sunlight.

Patented Po3™ technology contains a whole range of different molecules that each work in a different way. These not only prevent melanin formation more effectively but also improve the quality of the skin.

How can this be possible? Well, it is well known that many food ingredients such as flavour and aroma molecules are fully effective even when present at very low concentrations, whether in fruits or drinks. This is the secret, as when molecules from foods were examined and some were also found to lighten our pigmentation, there were also found to be very effective when present at only very low concentrations. Therefore, a whole range of these food molecules each preventing melanin formation in different ways could be used together as a complementary team making skin de-pigmentation very effective.

March 23rd 2018