The Lightening Serum dispenser – innovative, novel, convenient

We challenged our product performance designers to find a solution that would suit the modern lifestyle, be intuitive to use and simplify our customers lives.

The device dispenses an exact dose and completes within 3 steps – tilt and lift, push to dispense and put back down on the base.

One of our customers commented that after 4 days, they didn’t even think about it when picking up the dispenser and dispensing.

Each cartridge contains 14 doses. It will last for 7 days as we recommend twice daily applications on your face, neck and hands.

When we first met the final device, it became clear we found the winner. No fumbling with droppers or making a mess, or even wondering whether you have too much or too little applied.

Perfect for the modern lifestyle…

We were inspired by….

The fountain pen, the device is refillable, streamlined and aspirational.

Precise dosage creams used in the medical field, the device gives the exact dose required.

Ergonomic design, the device is used with one hand, hygienic and travel-friendly – plus it saves space and looks good!

Did you hear?

There is a trend where people are adding a few drops of serum into their other skincare products. We do not recommend mixing The Lightening Serum with other products because the dosage of active ingredients have been carefully formulated.

The Lightening Serum contains 3 food-based molecules that when combined, form Po3™ , a potent, novel combination of active ingredients that target the production of excess pigmentation at the root level.

Join 283 on a new, innovative skincare journey to brighter, more even and younger looking skin with The Lightening Serum!

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